GRBL Nano High Current Controller Bundle



The GRBL High Current Controller Bundle contains all the hardware for powering your WorkBee, Ox CNC or other CNC machine. The GRBL Nano High Current version is an upgrade to standard GRBL system.

The cables on this Bundle are designed for machines of the following sizes:

  • 500mm x 750mm
  • 750mm x 750mm
  • 750mm x 1000mm
  • 1000mm x 1000mm
  • 1000mm x 1500mm
  • 1500mm x 1500mm

        This controller bundle features 4 TB6600 stepper motor drivers to drive 4 NEMA23 High Torque Stepper Motors with current requirements of up to 4A each and is superior to the standard GRBL controller Bundle.

        The controller is an Arduino Nano with a terminal shield block for quick and easy installation. This Arduino series of controllers has been proven over the years and are an excellent controller for CNC control.

        This controller bundle is fully compatible with GRBL 1.1 which is an excellent control software for our CNC machines.

        The controller bundle contains all the electronic hardware required to run your machine and has been designed to be as intuitive and easy to install as possible.

        Please Note:Processing time of this new controller bundle is 15 working days after payment.

        More Details:

        Control System:

        • High Current GRBL Controller Bundle
        • Arduino Nano Compatible V3
        • Operating voltage – 5V
        • 16MHz clock
        • 32KB Flash Memory
        • 8 Analog Pins
        • 14 Digital Pins

        Stepper Driver : TB6600

        • Digital Current control (3 bits, 0.5 to 4A)
        • The interface adopts high-speed optocoupler isolation
        • Automatic semi-flow to reduce heat
        • A large area heat sink
        • Anti-high-frequency interference ability
        • Input anti-reverse protection
        • Overheat, over current and short circuit protection
        • Input Current: 0-5A
        • Output Current: 0.5-4.0A
        • Power (MAX): 160W
        • Micro Step: 1, 2/A, 2/B, 4, 8, 16, 32
        • Dimension: 96x56x33 mm
        • Weight: 0.2 kg

        Power Supply

        • Output Voltage-Channel: 24V
        • Output Power: 348 W
        • Enclosed Case
        • Input Voltage: 90 VAC to 132 VAC/180 VAC to 264 VAC, 240 VDC to 370 VDC
        • Output Current-Channel: 14.6A
        • Mounting Style: Chassis
        • Length: 215 mm
        • Width: 115 mm
        • Height: 30 mm
        • Input Frequency: 47 Hz to 63 Hz
        • Unit Weight: 760 g

        Electrical Cable and connectors

        • 4 Core and 2 Core shielded cable for best performance and reduced EMI
        • EDG 4 pin Connectors included.
        • 16 AWG for stepper motor driver power input
        • 2 core DC Cable for stepper driver signals.
        • Single core DC cable for grounding and signal looping


        Limit Switch Kits

        • 3 x Micro Limit Switch
        • 3 x Limit Switch Plate
        • 6 x M3 10mm Cap Head Screw
        • 3 x M5 8mm Low Profile Screw
        • 3 x M5 Drop-in Tee Nut
        • NOTE: The holes in the switch will need to be opened a little (3mm drill bit) to allow for the M3 screw or alternatively you can use a M3 tap to cut a thread into the plastic.

        E-Stop Switch

        • Max Current: 10A
        • Max Voltage AC 660V
        • Rated Load:
          • AC: 220VAC/6A, 380VAC/4A, 660VAC/2A
          • DC: 440VDC/0.3A,  220VDC/0.5A, 110VDC/1A
        • TYPE: N/C
        • Withstand Voltage: 2500V /60S
        • Temperature: -25°~+55°
        • Contact resistance:  <25mΩ​

        Regarding our Shielded Cables:

        • The 4 core and 2 core shielded cables by Bulk-Man 3D are cut in the proper length for customers convenience which meet the needs and multifunction of different size of our CNC Machine.
        • This high quality 4 core cable has 2 layers of insulation and 2 shield layers to reduce signal interference and maximise efficiency.
        • The four insulated wires are shielded by oxygen free tinned annealed copper wire braid with Aluminium/PET tape (100% coverage) to shield the cores from EMF interference.
        • This is again insulated by a thick clear layer of thermoplastic sheath insulation. Suitable for applications requiring electrical/electronic screening of cable. 22AWG suitable for 300V DC and up to 80°C

        Resources and Assembly Manuals

        For your convenience, the Assembly Manual as well as the resources for making this bundle functional can be found at our resources page: HERE

        Please Note:

        • For your safety, we recommend to have all high voltage or mains voltage systems be wired in by a licensed electrician.
        • Make sure to have the power turned off when adjusting your wiring.
        • Do not adjust the TB6600 Stepper driver dip switches with the power on. This will lead to the failure of the driver.
        • Do not disconnect the stepper motors while power is applied.
        • Please do not daisy chain the stepper motor drivers.

        Additional information

        Weight N/A
        For Machine Size

        500x750mm / 750x750mm / 750x1000mm, 1000x1000mm / 1000x1500mm / 1500x1500mm