CNC Machines:

WorkBee CNC Machine

Video Tutorials:
  • I’ll Do It Myself: Our friends at I’ll Do It Myself have helped us create a video tutorial for the Lead Screw driven WorkBee CNC with NVUM Controller and HuanYang VFD. Take a look at this build series HERE
  • 702marine: Our friends at Stuckey Worx Have a comprehensive video tutorial series for the WorkBee CNC, Electronics and more! Take a look at this build series HERE

QueenBee PRO CNC Machine

QueenBee PRO Assembly Manual V1.0

Lead CNC Machine

Ox CNC Machine

Add-On Packs:


– GRBL Nano High Current

GRBL Nano High Current Controller Bundle – Guide

– UC300 Mach3 Controller

UC300 – Mach3 USB 4 Axis Controller Bundle – Guide

– CNC Shield

– Novusun


– STB5100

– Stepper Motors / Stepper Drivers

– VFD / Inverters

– Spindle Motors


Latest Version of Drufel CNC with a 100,000 lines of g-code. Now supports STB5100.
Scheme for configuring I / O ports, in the STB5100: