Z-Axis Tool Setting Touch Plate Probe




  • This Touch Plate is used to find the offset to your work piece on your CNC build.
  • Our Touch Plates come with EDG connectors so no soldering is required to interface this sensor to your machine. This also allows for quick and easy plug and play addition and removal once the touch-plate is wired up and installed.

  • The dimensions for the the touch probe are as follows:
    • Cable Length (A): 110cm
    • Diameter (B): 35mm
    • Height (C): 20mm


Tips and Tricks:
  • Wire your touch probe’s cable into the provided EDG-P-381-3P and ensure that the screws are tightened.
  • Place your touch probe on top of the work piece.
  • Connect the EDG connector to your controller board.
  • Attach the Touch probe alligator clip to your endmill.
  • Activate your machine and manually jog the machine to the middle of the touch probe about 5mm off of the probe’s surface.
  • Use the relevant software to begin the probing process and therefore zero your work piece.
  • Sold with a ELEC-EDG-P-381-3P
  • Alligator Clip included


Please note: We sell to businesses for bulk order quantity please contact sales@bulkman3d.com for special distribution pricing.

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