CNC Jog Knob




  • Used this Jog Knob to fine tune your machine’s position. Simply attach the jog knob to the 8mm Acme Lead Screw and tighten using the included M4 set screws.
  • You can also attach a handle using the four M5 holes on the face of the knob, a screw and a spacer.
  • This jog knob also can be used as a mounting hub for projects that may require a wheel hub. Using the 4x M5 tapped holes, one can quickly attach this knob to a variety of applications.



  • SKU: HD0020-1
  • Item Name:CNC Jog Knob
  • Material: Anodised black aluminium
  • Bore: 8mm
  • Knurled Grip
  • Two M4 tapped holes for easy attachment
  • Four M5 mounting holes


Package includes

  • 1x CNC Jog Knob
  • 2x M4*4mm Set Screws


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