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This CNC Router kit includes everything needed to complete the mechanical portion of the OX CNC Machine, this kit includes the optional 4x NEMA23 (175oz*in or High Torque 2.45N.m) Stepper Motors and GT3 Pulley’s/Belt.

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This Kits Includes:

  • OX CNC Mechanical Kit
  • 4 x Nema23( 1.26N.m or High Torque 2.45N.m) Stepper Motors (Optional)


Specs of Nema23( 1.26N.m) Stepper Motor:

  • NEMA 23
  • Shaft Size:1/4″
  • Step Angle:1.8
  • Holding Torque: 1.26 N.m
  • Rated voltage: 3.36 V
  • Rated current: 2.8 A


Specs of Nema23( High Torque 2.45N.m) Stepper Motor:

  • NEMA 23
  • Shaft Size:1/4″
  • Step Angle:1.8
  • Holding Torque: 2.45 N.m
  • Rated voltage: 3.6 V
  • Rated current: 3 A


    Item No. Frame Size Working Area
    BM-OX-01 500mmx750mm 320x525mm
    BM-OX-02 750mmx750mm 570x525mm
    BM-OX-03 750mmx1000mm 570x775mm
    BM-OX-04 1000mmx1000mm 820x775mm
    BM-OX-05 1000mmx1500mm 820x1275mm
    BM-OX-06 1500mmx1500mm 1320x1275mm

    Please note:MDF Working Table, Spindle, Driver Board etc and other electronics are not included with this kit.


    Manuals for the OX CNC are available here.

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