Double Wide C-Beam Gantry Bundle


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C-Beam Double Gantry Plate Set

This gantry plate is made from 6063-T5 Aluminum and can be used with 4080 C-Beam Profiles, it also has been designed specifically to simplify construction.


Product Features

  • Quick Assembly of motion system
  • Multiple pre-drilled and tapped holes
  • Ready to use Gantry for C-Beam Linear Rail
  • Designed for Lead Screw driven systems


This is a self-assembly kit and comes with the following parts

Item Name                                                              Qty

– C-Beam Double Gantry Plate                            1pcs
Mini V Wheel Kit  (Black or Clear)                     8pcs
– 6 mm Aluminium Spacer                                  4pcs
– 6 mm Eccentric Spacer                                      4pcs
– 25 mm M5 Low Profile Screw                           8pcs
– ACME Anti-Backlash Nut Block                        1pcs
20 mm M5 Low Profile Screws                         2pcs
3 mm Aluminium Spacer                                   2pcs
– M5 Nylon Nut                                                       2pcs

Additional information

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