M5 Low Profile Screws


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These M5 Low Profile Screws are a great choice for any project! Compared to most screws, they are an ultra low profile. This means plenty of clearance. The low profile head will not get in the way when building.


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Model:
    • HD0028-M506
    • HD0028-M508
    • HD0028-M510
    • HD0028-M512
    • HD0028-M515
    • HD0028-M520
    • HD0028-M525
    • HD0028-M527
    • HD0028-M530
    • HD0028-M535
    • HD0028-M540
    • HD0028-M545
    • HD0028-M550
    • HD0028-M555
    • HD0028-M560
    • HD0028-M565
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Black oxide finished
  • Available in sizes/lengths of:
    • M5 x 6mm
    • M5 x 8mm
    • M5 x 10mm
    • M5 x 12mm
    • M5 x 15mm
    • M5 x 20mm
    • M5 x 25mm
    • M5 x 27mm
    • M5 x 30mm
    • M5 x 35mm
    • M5 x 40mm
    • M5 x 45mm
    • M5 x 50mm
    • M5 x 55mm
    • M5 x 60mm
    • M5 x 65mm


Please note: We sell to businesses for bulk order quantity please contact sales@bulkman3d.com for special distribution pricing.

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M5x6mm x 10pcs, M5x8mm x 10pcs, M5x10mm x 10pcs, M5x12mm x 10pcs, M5x15mm x 10pcs, M5x20mm x 10pcs, M5x25mm x 10pcs, M5x27mm x 10pcs, M5x30mm x 10pcs, M5x35mm x 10pcs, M5x40mm x 10pcs, M5x45mm x 10pcs, M5x50mm x 10pcs, M5x55mm x 10pcs, M5x60mm x 10pcs, M5x65mm x 10pcs

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