10pcs 2.1mm-3.0mm Carbide PCB Drill Bit Set



  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Shank Dia: 3.175mm(1/8”)
  • Overall Length: 38mm
  • Available sizes :
    • 2.1mm    10pcs/set           2.15mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.2mm    10pcs/set          2.25mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.3mm    10pcs/set          2.35mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.4mm    10pcs/set          2.45mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.5mm    10pcs/set          2.55mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.6mm    10pcs/set          2.65mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.7mm    10pcs/set          2.75mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.8mm    10pcs/set          2.85mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.9mm    10pcs/set          2.95mm    10pcs/set
    • 3.0mm    10pcs/set          3.05mm    10pcs/set
    • 2.1mm-3.0mm      10pcs/set

Suitable for processing PCB, normal FR-4, CEM-3 boards, environmental protection board, SMT, CNC, molds, plastic,Circuit board, carbon fiber, composite board, and so on.

  • 1. Precision machining by high accurate equipment;
  • 2. With good milling and cutting performance, ensuring high efficiency;
  • 3. High hardness, wear resistance, and intensity; anti-bending;
  • 4. To removing chips, with big space and small resistance; Smooth chip removal, less heating value, to reduce pollution;
  • 5. Sharp cutting edge, reduce cutting force, lower breaking rate and improve the quality of hole wall;
  • 6. Symmetrical cutting blade, help to high effective cutting, avoiding drilling offset.

Note:Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

Package Including:
  • 10pcs PCB Drill Bit Set
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Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 cm

2.1mm-3.0mm 10pcs/set, 2.1mm 10pcs/set, 2.15mm 10pcs/set, 2.2mm 10pcs/set, 2.25mm 10pcs/set, 2.3mm 10pcs/set, 2.35mm 10pcs/set, 2.4mm 10pcs/set, 2.45mm 10pcs/set, 2.5mm 10pcs/set, 2.55mm 10pcs/set, 2.6mm 10pcs/set, 2.65mm 10pcs/set, 2.7mm 10pcs/set, 2.75mm 10pcs/set, 2.8mm 10pcs/set, 2.85mm 10pcs/set, 2.9mm 10pcs/set, 2.95mm 10pcs/set, 3.0mm 10pcs/set, 3.05mm 10pcs/set

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