Through-wall Plug-in Terminal Block 2EDGWC / 15EDGWC



These Through-Wall Connector Terminal Blocks are a simple and efficient and method of terminating your electrical connections.

These Connector Blocks comes in a pack of Male connector, Female connector and Through-Wall mounting bracket. We provide two kinds of 3.81mm and 5.08mm of the distance between the centre of each terminal.


  • Main Colour: Green
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 105°C
  • Soldering Temperature: 250℃/5s ( ±10℃)
  • Distance between contacts (centre): 3.81mm/5.08mm
  • Terminal orientation: Straight
  • Maximum Voltage Rating: 250 V
  • Maximum Rating Current: 7A
  • Connector Type: Plug terminal block – Through-Wall
  • Connector kind: Male / Female
  • Terminal type: Cage clamp, Screw terminal (flat head)
  • Locking system: Friction lock + Screw
  • Terminal size: Suitable for1.5mm² wire
  • Housing material: PA66
  • Pieces: 3
  • Recommended stripping length 6-7mm

-The number of terminals (holes):

      • TB381B-2P/3P/4P/5P/6P/7P/8P/9P/10P/12P
      • TB508B-2P/3P/4P/5P/6P/7P/8P/9P/10P/12P

Pro Tips:

  • For stranded wire: Strip wire to appointed length, mate with corresponding type of ferrule or lug. Alternatively tin ends with solder.
  • Tighten by hand, do not use power tools.


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