MPG Handwheel for DDCSV3.1 Offline Controller


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CNC 4-axis handheld controller MPG pendant, with x1, x10, x100 optional, you are bidding for a complete MPG pendant unit with emergency stop function for 4-axis CNC machine tools, it is equipped with our popular 4 Axis processing MPG unit and proportional selector, LED indicator also send feedback about equipment status from CNC machine tool to user.

All wiring is isolated from the MPG unit, and an easy-to-install wiring diagram is provided. It is suitable for commercial machines that replace jog control units or other computer-based controllers. This adds great control flexibility to the system.



  • x1, x10, x100 switch
  • X, Y, Z, 4th axis selector switch (5th, 6th)
  • LED indicator
  • High-quality professional chassis
  • 6 feet can extend high quality shielded cable
  • The magnetic base can be placed anywhere on the steel surface of the machine
  • Phase output is A, /A and B, /B;
  • TTL output, drive capability + -20mA

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