UC300 Mach3 USB 4-Axis Motion Control Board



UC300 Mach3 USB Control Board

Package include:
1 x Motion Control Board
1 x Connection Cable
2 x Terminals

Product Description
The UC300 is a high-performace external motion controller for Mach3, with USB port communicated Mach 3 software,supporting standard MPG and Digital Dream MPG.The device can communicate with a connection to a control computer’s network.The network connection can be built with direct connection by USB Port. The computer connects to the UC300 via a standard USB cable.It’s the best to shiled the communication USB cable to ignore the interferences. The device can be used to control machine tools with stepper or servo motor with pulse and direction interface;the controller can output a maximum of 300kHz stepping frequency for each axes and can work with upto 6-axes.The Controller is 3-6 Axis for user’s options.


  • Motion control 3-6 Axis(X,Y,Z,A,B,C) for option,max frequency output 300Khz/Axis;
    USB Communication with Mach 3 Software;
  • Main power supply 24VDC,Current should higher than 1A;
  • IO Power is 24VDC power supply input,current should higher than 1A(The controller already supply the power for IO port,no need the external power supply for IO port anymore);
  • 12 opto-isolated digital input ports,10 opto-isolated digital output ports;
  • 1 analog output port of 0-10V adjustable speed for spindle (can change to PWM output port);
  • ARM motion control chip;
  • Compatible with Standard MPG and also Digital Dream MPG.

Product connection define and method
1. USB Communication Interface to PC
2.  Stepper/Servo motor Driver connection port
3. Spindle Control Output Port
4. Gerneral Output Interface
5. MPG Port
6. Functional Switch for MPG:Standard MPG or Digital Dream MPG
7. Serial Extend Port
8. Input Port:Limit/Home/Probe and so on
9. Adjustable parameter Input Port
10. Main System and IO Power Port

NEVER connect or disconnections any wire while power is applied.
ALWAYS disconnect power before making any connections or disconnections.

Failure to do the above will result in damage to the stepper drivers.

A MACH3 licence is NOT included with this item. A licence can be purchased from www.machsupport.com


Note : Any Mains power connections must be installed by a Licensed electrician or suitability qualified person.

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