C-Beam Riser Plate Spacer Block




  • SKU: PL18
  • Item Name:Riser Plate
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Size: T8mm x 14.87mm x 77.5mm
  • M5 tapped holes to allow mounting to the C-Beam Gantry Plate.
  • 3 holes allow for mounting of V-Wheels.
  • Riser Plates come in sets of 2, for your convenience.
  • Mounts with 4 x 10 mm Low Profile Screws
  • Surfaced: Brushed and Anodized


  • This C-Beam Riser Plate was specially designed to be used in conjunction with the C-Beam Gantry Plate.
  • The Riser Plate allows you to raise the C-Beam Gantry Plate up away from the rail 12mm so that you can run transmission components such as a belt drive or threaded rod underneath the C-Beam Gantry Plate.




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