Diaphragm Coupling D26L35



One of the main benefits of using diaphragm couplers instead of standard flexible couplers is that there is significantly less backlash, as well as drastically increasing the resolution and repeatability of the system.

Diaphragm couplers are also designed to have noise reduction and vibration compensation. The vibration compensation increases the lifespan of the mechanical hardware used on the transmission system.

  • Concise structure, tight connection, easy to disassem.
  • High torsional rigidity, can control precisely about spin of rod, it can process high precision control.
  • Can excecut the accurate transmission speed, run correctly, can use in the transmission of precision machinery.
  • Stainless steel diaphragm can tolerate eccentricity, deflection angle, and shaft deviation, good fatigue resistance.
  • High efficiency transmission, can reach 99.86%. Especially used in medium and high power transmission parts.
  • Suffer high temperature(-80+300), it can work with a powerful and safety way in a hard environment.
  • Type : Coupler
  • Diameter : 26mm
  • Length : 35mm
  • For example d1xd2 (mm) : 5×5 , 5×6 , 5×6.35 , 5×8 , 5×10 , 6×6 , 6×6.35 , 6×8 , 6×10 ,6.35×6.35 , 6.35×8 , 6.35×10, 8×8 , 8×10 ,10×10
  • Material : Aluminum alloy
Package includes:
  • 1x Coupling D26L35



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Additional information

Weight N/A
Shaft Size

5x5mm, 5x6mm, 5×6.35mm, 5x8mm, 5x10mm, 6x6mm, 6×6.35mm, 6x8mm, 6x10mm, 6.35×6.35mm, 6.35x8mm, 6.35x10mm, 8x8mm, 8x10mm, 10x10mm

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