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Plug and Play precise XYZ Touch Probe

The XYZ Touch Probe is used with the end mill to accurately set the 0, 0, 0 position of the work piece. It allows you to quickly identify and set your work zero in (X, Y, and Z-Axis) by running the probing features. Our Touch Probes boast a plug and play feature which allows you to freely connected and disconnect the probe when not in use.

Using the XYZ Touch Probe allows you to quickly identify the datum position of your workpiece and utilise its accuracy when running 2 sided jobs on your CNC Machine.

Manufactured from Aluminium with a premium conductive anodised coating for accurate contact when probing. Machined to a 0.01mm tolerance with a 10mm X/Y off-set and 5mm on the Z-Axis.

High-Quality Clip with Rubber Casing that fits over larger Endmills up to 10mm, Strong Spring Mechanism to be sure it will not come off during a Probing Sequence.



Hole design

A large hole design allows for a bigger range of end mills to be used with our XYZ Probe. We implimented the larger hole design after listening to community feedback requesting a better designed XYZ Touch Probe compatible with a bigger range of tools.




End Mill Clip

The spring loaded End Mill Clip is tried and tested with great functionality. With the wire crimped into connection, and easily reterminated if required in the future. Community feedback we received advised that molded black style clips break easily and cannot be repaired, so with this in mind we specially designed our XYZ Touch Probe to be compatible with the same clip as our Z Touch Probe.



Xtension Wire

Our strong Xtension Wire is designed to make a secure connection without the risk or breaking during or after installation such as weaker signal cables and shielded cables do.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x XYZ Touch Probe
  • 1 x High Quality Spring Loaded End Mill Clip
  • 1 x 2 Core Xtension Wires
  • 1 x stainless steel screw


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