Tingle Tension System with Upgraded Lead Screws for WorkBee CNC



The Tingle Tension System allows a Lead screw to be placed under a higher amount of tension which minimizes lead screw ‘whip’ allowing faster feed rates to be achieved. This system utilizes F8-16M Thrust Bearings which are designed for pressure to be placed directly on the face of the bearing. For how to install this system please read through the Tingle Tension System Guide here, or scroll to the bottom of this page for the video tutorial.

Originally designed for use on the WorkBee CNC by David Tingle, a member of the Bulk Man 3D community, this system can be used on any Lead screw actuator including the Lead CNC and C-Beam Actuators. Please note for Lead CNC and C-Beam Actuators you will require longer lead screws. This listing is for WorkBee CNC only.

The Tingle Tension System installed on the WorkBee CNC uses the plate orientation with the recess for the 688ZZ Bearing facing inwards. The Thrust Bearing is placed on the outside of the plate and held in place with an additional 8mm Lock Collar. Using the Lead Screw Tensioning Tool the Lead Screw can be placed under tension directly onto the F8-16M Thrust Bearings.

Note: The Tingle Tension System can only be installed with the Upgraded Lead Screw length introduced in WorkBee V2. For WorkBee V1 the Lead Screws will need to be replaced with the upgraded longer lengths.

When can you use this system?

WorkBee V2

If you have a WorkBee V2 the upgraded Lead Screw lengths are already included, you do not need to purchase additional Lead Screws. Please purchase the Tingle Tension System here.

WorkBee V1

If you have a WorkBee V1 you will need to increase the length of the Lead Screws for this system to be installed. Select the machine size for the correct Lead Screw lengths.


This pack contains:

Item Quantity
Lead Screw Tensioning Tool 1
F8-16M Thrust Bearing 6
8mm Lock Collar 6
6mm Aluminium Spacer 12
55mm Low Profile Screw 12
Y-Axis Lead Screw Version 2 2
X-Axis Lead Screw Version 2 1


Credit: A big thank you to David Tingle for his input in this design.



The installation instructions can be found here

A big thanks to our friends at I’ll Do It Myself for helping us create a video tutorial for this new system!


Please Note: We sell to business for bulk order quantity please contact us sales@bulkman3d.com for special distribution pricing.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions N/A
Machine Size

500×750, 750×750, 750×1000, 1000×1000, 1000×1500, 1500×1500

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