Stainless Steel Optical Experiment Plate



High permeability optical plate, Stainless steel plate, With magnetic force, The precision is higher than that of the ordinary optical plate, The magnetic base can be fixed.
As an example, it can be used in optical experiments, Medical experiments, Production, and testing of precision instruments, The carrier of aerospace experiments, etc.

Because of its high stiffness and low mass ratio, It can improve the precision of the experiment.

The function of providing a solid installation platform. Easy to fix and install the accessories. The panel is made of high permeability stainless steel (430).

Surface roughness: 0.8μm~1.6μm

Repeat positioning accuracy: +0.05mm

The surface does not rust , Ensuring the cleanliness of the laboratory;



  • Product name: Stainless Steel Optical Experiment Plate
  • Size: 280x320x8mm
  • Aperture: M6
  • Hole spacing: 25x25MM
  • Material: 430 series high magnetic permeability nickel alloy stainless steel
  • Surface treatment: sandy surface treatment, smooth and flat surface, and durable
  • Flatness: error <0.05MM
  • Weight: About 3KG
  • Function: providing a solid installation platform, easy to fix and install accessories, used in production and testing of precision instruments.


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Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 45 × 10 cm

Type A, Type B

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