SD13 Waterproof Male and Female Connector


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These SD13 waterproof connectors are a great way to connect stepper motors and etc to your custom case. With IP68 rating they will keep your connections clean and dry.


Material: Nylon
Welding pinhole: beryllium bronze, gold-plated style
Sealing ring: Silicone
Shell gender: male and female
Connection method: threaded connection
Working temperature: -45°C~85°C
Relative humidity: 90%~95% (40±2°C)
Salt fog: 48h in 5% NaC1 fog
Tightness: IP68
Applicable wire diameter: Φ4.0~6.5mm
Mechanical life: 500 times
Insulation resistance: 500M Ω
Working current: 1P=25A, 2P=10A, 3P ~ 7P=5A
Contact resistance: Φ1.8 = 2M Ω, Φ1 =5M Ω
Working voltage and withstand voltage Working voltage: 250V (AC) Withstand voltage: 1500V (AC)

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