Version 4 OX CNC Plates



The plate designs used on our hobby CNC machine are based on the originals by Mark Carew. It has added touches to increase the performance and design of the machine. On the Y-Axis we have added an inner wheel brace, which reduces the movement of the wheels, and also helps to shield the wheels from cutting debris.

Plates have also been added or modified to completely cover any bare extrusion ends. All the plates supplied with the kit are manufactured from 6061-T5 Aluminium. The plates are then shot blast and anodized in matt black, to give a very clean finish.


  • SKU: OX-4PCS
  • Material: Brushed anodised aluminium.
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Version: 4
  • Y-Plate: T6 x 227.5 mm x 180 mm
  • X-Plate-Front: T6 x 140 x 127.72 mm
  • X-Plate-Back: T6 x 140 x 177.4 mm


Updates included:

  • Larger x-axis front plate to allow for an extra set of wheels for the z-axis rail.
  • Y-axis NEMA 23 stepper location has been raised to allow for easier adjustment once fitted to the rails (this is especially useful for double belt gantries).
  • Larger hole on x-axis rear plate to reduce weight.
  • Extra holes to allow for easier adjustment of the steppers.
  • Slight adjustment of spacing to allow for better adjustment or wheels.

Package includes

  • 2x  Y-Plates
  • 1x  X-Plate-Front
  • 1x  X-Plate-Back



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