MiniMill CNC Machine Kit


This MiniMill is a super strong, accurate and easy to assemble CNC machine.



This is the Bulk-Man 3D kit of the popular Open Source MiniMill CNC Machine.

The MiniMill was originally designed and published on Openbuilds. It is a super strong, accurate and easy to assemble CNC machine.

Based on C-Beam, V-Slot, Xtreme Solid V-Wheels and TR8x8(P2) Leadscrews it is strong, accurate and reliable.

It has been carefully designed and can accurately cut foams, woods, plastics and aluminium to 0.1-0.2mm accuracy or better.

Functional engineering parts, toys, signs or anything else that can be imagined, can be made on the WorkBee CNC Machine.


Kit Including:

  • Clear/Black Anodized C-Beam Linear Rail (pre-tapped!!!)
  •  Xtreme Solid V wheel kits and Xtreme Mini V wheel kits
  • The C-Beam Gantry Plates,End Mounts
  • Jog Knob
  • Spacers and Plates
  • T8*8 Metric Acme Lead screw and shaft coupling
  • Lock collar and Bearings
  • Anti-Backlash Nut Blcok 
  • All fasteners as Screws,Nuts,shims etc.


PLEASE NOTE——————————————————————————————————————-

This is an optional kit Includes 3 x NEMA 23 (1.26N.m) Stepper Motors 

NOT Includes: Electronic parts as Drive board,Power supply and other Electronic kits.


Dimension Details

Travel (Cutting Area):
   – X Axis: 120 mm
   – Y Axis: 195 mm
   – Z Axis: 80 mm
Workable Material Height (max): 60 mm (with a 12 mm base board)
Drive System: TR8 x 8(P2) ACME Lead Screw
Machine Accuracy: 0.05 mm – 0.10 mm
Footprint: 560 mm x 406 mm (not including motors)


Compatible Material for Cutting/Milling:

  • Aluminium
  • Hard Wood
  • Soft Wood
  • Plexi Glass
  • Delrin
  • HDPE
  • Foam



Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 41 × 20 × 15 cm

Footprint: 560 x 406 mm

Extrusion Color

Silver, Black


No Motors, 3xNema 23 Stepper Motor 1.26N.m