Drop In T-nuts for 3030 V-Slot / T-Slot


These Drop in T-Nuts can be added anywhere along the slot of 3030 V-Slot/T-Slot or compatible extrusions.

Designed to be inserted after construction, these T-Nuts are a great solution because they do not need to be placed in from the ends of the extrusion, they can be easily placed later in the build.

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These are post insertion Tee Nuts that can be added anywhere along with the slot of V-Slot Linear Rail.

“These Drop In Tee Nuts are great to have on hand because they do not need to be placed in from the ends of the extrusion.  They can be easily placed in later in the building process.”

Product Details
  • Thread Diameter: M3/M4/M5/M6
  • Material:Carbon Steel
  • Color: Chrome-Plated Silver
  • Nickel Plated


    Pro-Tip: Drop-in Tee Nuts are installed by placing them in the V-Slot Linear Rail. When the screw is applied, it will turn them and engage Drop In Tee Nut into the bottom side of the V Track. Once tightened the teeth grab into the anodized coating, to ensure a no-slip connection.


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