GX12 Male And Female Connector



The GX12 Air Connectors are a great way to connect limit switches, probes and etc to your custom case. They are easy to use and durable in use.



  • Type: 2 pin / 3 pin / 4 pin / 5 pin / 6 pin
  • Install type: Screw thread tighten
  • Screw head diameter: approx. 12mm
  • Size: approx. 45*15mm
  • Rated voltage: 400V
  • Rated current: 5A
  • Contact resistance: less than 0.005ohm
  • Insulation resistance: more than 1000ohm
  • Test voltage: 1500V
  • Separating force: 1–3N per pin
  • Temperature: rated load, the contact temperature rise should not exceed the ambient temperature + 50 °
  • Life: Plug 500 times should not appear harmful plug seats machinery and performance


Environmental conditions:

1. Ambient temperature: -50 ~ + 70 °
2. Relative humidity: 98%(40°)
3. Atmospheric pressure: up 4,4kpa
4. Vibration: vibration frequency 10~100Hz, acceleration up to 100m/s2
5. Impact: frequency 60 to 80 times/min, acceleration up to 250m/s2
6. Centrifugal: acceleration up to 250m/s2


Please note: We sell to businesses for bulk order quantity please contact sales@bulkman3d.com for special distribution pricing.

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Male And Female Connector, Male Connector, Docking Set


2Pin, 3Pin, 4Pin, 5Pin, 6Pin, 7Pin

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