DDCS V3.1 Standalone/Offline CNC Motion Controller



DDCS V3.1 is 3 or 4 axis motion controller for stepper and servo systems.DDCS V3.1 numerical control system adopts the ARM+FPGA design framework.  ARM controls the human-computer interface and code analysis and the FPGA provides the underlying algorithms and creates the control pulse. This guarantees reliable control and easy operation. The internal operating system is Linux based. The panel layout structure of the CR8-500 is very rational to save space. All operations are controlled by only 17 keys and a comprehensive G code set is supported.

Package Includes:
  • 1 x DDCSV3.1 CNC Offline Controller  (3/4 Axis Optional)
  • 1 x 4GB USB Flash Disk
  • 1 x USB Extension Cable + Accessories
  • 1 x Mounting bracket
  • 1x MPG Handwheel (Optional)
DDCS V3.1 Advantages:
  • ARM+ FPGA design framework for numerical control system
  • Based on Linux internal operating system
  • Only 17 keys to support a comprehensive G code
  • Rational panel layout structure
  • Pleasing in form and Saving space
  • Abroad application situation for various CNC machines
  • High precision , accurary and reliablity
  1. 16 opto isolated digital inputs,3 opto isolated digital outputs;
  2.  Upgrade algorithm,support soft interpolation,fixed arc interpolation bug of the old version;
  3. Analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control (can be modified as PWM output);
  4. 3-4 axis motor Control.Differential Pulse and direction output signal,Max.500Khz per axis;
  5. ARM9 main control chip,FPGA core algorithm chip;
  6. 5 inches TFT screen, resolution ratio: 480×272,17 operation keys;
  7. 24VDC power input, minimum Current is 0.5A;
  8. USB flash disk support for G code file input,no size limited of the G-code file;
  9. 1GB internal memory;
  10. Support standard MPG;
  11. Jog function for each axis (continuous, step, defined distance);
  12. Support the operation of quickly specify the running position;
  13. Support for “Power Cut” recovery. Data is automatically saved;
  14. Support the origin and Limit share the same Input ports;
  15. The controller only support NPN type limited switch.
Appearance and Size:

Explanation of Abbreviations

When operating the DDCS, the users will come across some English abbreviations.The letters of the abbreviation stand for:

  • FRO: Feed Rate Override
  • SRO: Spindle Rate Override
  • SRJ: Jog Speed Setting
  • F: Feed rate, unit is mm/min
  • S: Spindle Speed, unit rev/min.
  • X: The coordinate code of the X axis.
  • Y: The coordinate code of the Y axis.
  • Z: The coordinate code of the Z axis.
  • A: The coordinate code of the A axis
  • BUSY: The system is busy. You still can adjust FRO and SRO
  • READY: READY mode, any operation can be done
  • RESET: Reset mode, controller is in “OFF” mode, no operation can be performed
  • CONT: Continuous mode, each axis can be manually jogged with the arrow keys
  • Step:Manual Step Mode,each axis can be jogged in defined steps
  • MPG: MPG mode. Operate the machine with the MPG (Manual Pulse Generator)
  • AUTO: Run G code. Auto is showing when file is processing

Q1:When I power on my controller there is beep and Reset signal is flickering,I pressed Reset button many times but still cannot work normally?

  • A1) Please check if the Reset signal of the MPG is active,you can take off the MPG or set a reserve value of #429;
  • A2) Please check the “External Key” which defined as RESET was triggered,you can modify the definition;

Q2:Why all my wiring connections on Input and output signal are correct,but the signal still is disable?

  • A: DDCS V3.1 controller need two power supplies to work properly.One is for controller system one is for IO port.Only when with IO power is supplied,the Input and Output signals,the MPG can have power to work.

Q3:Why my wiring connection on MPG is correct but MPG still didn’t work properly?

  • A: MPG need the IO power to work,please check the IO port power supply.

Q4:Why I stopped turnning the handwheel on MPG,but the machine is still running?

  • A: If #448=0,Open the MPG control Mode,means the MPG will work in precise mode.In precise mode,the MPG will send out each pulse the handwhleel made.If you want that when you stop turnning the handwheel,then machine stop running,you just set the #448=1.

Q5:Is the e-stop button supposed to be a momentary switch and on/off switch?

  • A: Our system can choose a momentary switch as an e-stop button as well, but an on/off switch ( latching switch) is better than a momentary switch (non-latching switch). Because for lower risk application and where it would be highly inconvenient for operator to have to manually apply pressure to keep the switch on , it would be highly appropriate to have to stand at a light switch to keep it switch on so a latching switch is far more suitable. Moreover, it can avoid misoperation by others during a sudden pause.

Q6: Why my DDMPG can not work well with my DDCS V3.1 after connecting corrrectly?

  • A: Please check the inside MPG wiring of your DDMPG,because the apperance of DDMPG for DDCS-expert is the same with the one for the DDCS V3.1, but the wiring is different inside. I highly recommend you paste a label to verify them if you have two DDMPG on hand for your machine DDCS V3.1 and DDCS-expert.

Q7: Why my MPG did not move the machine after wiring well?

  • A : Please make sure the COM+ and COM- has given the power supply to MPG, only if the wiring is correct will the MPG work properly.

Q8:I have been using DDCS3.1 for 1 year no problems. Yesterday started up the machine and the pendant was not responding. shut down and restarted, still nothing. Unplugged pendant and restarted, shut down plugged pedant back in, restarted.Now pendant works but… x and z selection moves x only, y moves y and speed selection is back to front ( x1 = fast x100 slow ).The controller still runs files without issues, but I now have to jog the machine via the main buttons on the controller.Is this problem with the pendant or the controller?

  • A:The pendant and the controller are ok. Please check #432 and #448, and then Change the “standard” MPG Electric level” to 0=low and “MPG control mode” to 1= close.

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm
Options Available

3-Axis DDCS V3.1, 4-Axis DDCS V3.1, 3-Axis DDCS V3.1 with MPG Handwheel, 4-Axis DDCS V3.1 with MPG Handwheel

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