Brass Lead Screw Tension Nut – For TR8x8 ACME Lead Screw


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This is a brass tension nut that will allow you to apply tension or simply hold in place the lead screws. It has an M5 set screw to ensure a no slip lock when set in the desired position. Learn more on how to use the tension system with our Tension based actuators


  • Strong brass construction
  • Easy and Fast installation
  • Compatible with our customized 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screws


What is Included:

Tension Nut–1pcs
Steel Set Screw–1pcs

Product Specifications:

  • OD: 13mm Hex nut
  • Thread: Tr8*8 (compatible with our customized 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screws)
  • Material: Brass/ Steel set screw

Additional information

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