Ball Screw End Support BK10 BF10 BK12 BF12 BK15 BF15



The BK BF serise ball screw end support is used to support the end of the ball screw assembly and is secured with a threaded locking collar.

The surface blackening process, high precision support.

High rigidity, high precision and stable performance of rotation.


Package Includes:
  • 1x Fixed Side with lock collar
  • 1x Floated Side with clip


Product Parameter:

  • BK10 BF10 — Used For SFU1204/SFU1210 12mm Ball Screw Rod
  • BK12 BF12 — Used For SFU1605/SFU1610 16mm Ball Screw Rod
  • BK15 BF15 — Used For SFU2005/SFU2010 20mm Ball Screw Rod

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BK10 BF10, BK12 BF12, BK15 BF15