180W 3000RPM 57 Integrated Servo Motor Bundle



This 180W 3000RPM 57 Integrated Servo Motor Bundle is available for Ultimate Bee CNC machine.

Part List:

  • 1pcsx 57HSE3N 3Nm Motor with 5-meter motor cable and 5-meter encoder cable
  • 1pcsx HBS57 Stepper Motor Drive
  • 3pcsx 57 Integrated Servo Motor 180W 3000rpm
  • 1pcsx 2 core DC cable for motor driver to power supply (Z-Axis)
  • 1pcsx 4 core shielded cable (Z-Axis Driver Signal)
  • 3pcsx 4 core shielded cable (X,Y,A Driver Signal)
  • 3pcsx 2 core DC cable for motor driver to power supply (X,Y,A)
  • 1pcsx 4 Pin EDG through wall connector
  • 1pcsx 6 Pin EDG through wall connector


Specifications of 57 Integrated Servo Motor :

  • Model: IHSV57-30-18-36-01-BY
  • Size: 52 x 76 x 148mm (2 x 3 x 5.8″)
  • Applicable motor: for iHSV57-30-18-36
  • Input voltage: 20~50V DC (Typical Value 36V)
  • Power: 180W
  • Shaft Diameter: 8mm
  • Torque: 0.6NM
  • Rated Speed: 3000
  • Impedance: 0.53±10%Ω
  • Continuous output current: 6A
  • Speed response frequency: 50KHz
  • Peak torque: 1.71
  • Maximum pulse frequency: 250K
  • Default rate: 9.6Kbps (Required external conversion interface)
  • Cooling mode: Natural cooling or forced air cooling
  • Typical applications: CNC, printing, laser, textile machine, etc


Specifications of 57HSE3N 3Nm Motor:

Motor model: 57HSE3N
Motor current: 3.5A
Output torque: 3N.m
Body length: about 132MM
Shaft diameter: 8MM, no keyway
Outletmode: single output shaft
Rated speed: 1000 rpm (no-load speed: 2000 rpm)
Outlet mode: two-phase four-wire (must be wired according to motor label)


Specifications of HBS57 Stepper Motor Drive:

Drive Model: HBS57 (Nema 23, for 57 stepper motor)
Pulse Signal: 3.3V/5V/24V compatible. No string resistor required
Voltage Range: DC16-70V (New Version: DC24-80, send in random)
Subdivision Setting: 800-51200 subdivision


57 Integrated Servo Motor 180W 3000rpm 0.6Nm


① Full Closed Loop

  • Precise position and speed control to meet the most demanding application requirements.
  • Highly robust servo control can adapt to a wide range of inertial loads and frictional load changes.
  • High-resolution encoder provides accurate position accuracy.

② Low Heating / High Efficiency

  • Adjust the current in real-time according to the actual load conditions to minimize heat generation.
  • The current is almost zero and no heat at rest.
  • Close to 100% torque output capacity, maximizing the energy conversion rate in the most compact space, which is in low power consumption and high efficiency.

③ Smooth and Accurate

  • Based on the encoder space vector current control algorithm, it has excellent performance in the full speed range. Even at low speed applications, it can maintain a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Ensure accurate positioning both during operation and at rest.

④ Exercise Monitoring

  • For some applications where real-time motion has extremely demanding accuracy requirements, JMC servo debugging software provides a simple and practical tool for monitoring the actual trajectory.
  • Can be used to monitor commonly used indicators such as actual speed and position error, as a rating system current actual performance.
  • The interface of interactive monitoring and tuning can get the most optimized performance output as quickly as possible.

ALM and PEND Signal Output Ports

Control Signal Input Ports

Power Interface Port


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