57HSE2.2N 2.2N.M Stepper Motor with HBS57 Closed-loop Stepper Motor Driver



This is a High Performance Step Servo Drive with stepping motor drive HBS57.
57 Closed-loop stepper motor set 2.2N.M high speed constant torque closed loop motor.

Description of Motor:

  • Motor model: 57HSE2.2N   
  • Motor current: 3.5A
  • Output torque: 2.2N.m
  • Body length: about 99MM
  • Shaft diameter: 8MM, no keyway
  • Outletmode: single output shaft
  • Rated speed: 1000 rpm (no-load speed: 2000 rpm)
  • Outlet mode: two-phase four-wire (must be wired according to motor label)


        Description of Stepper Drive HBS57:

        • Drive Model: HBS57 (Nema 23, for 57 stepper motor)
        • Pulse Signal: 3.3V/5V/24V compatible. No string resistor required
        • Voltage Range: DC16-70V (New Version: DC24-80, send in random)
        • Subdivision Setting: 800-51200 subdivision
        • The new 32-bit DSP digital 57 closed-loop stepper motor driver, engraving machine, CNC equipment available. PWM current control, low noise, high speed torque is 40% larger than ordinary drives.

        1. Low heat (static, the current is almost zero, no heat).
        2.Smoothing (based on the feedback vector space vector current control algorithm and vector smoothing filtering technology, the traditional stepping motor troubled low frequency resonance has a very good resistance).
        3. Applicable industry: dispenser / woodworking machine / welding machine / screw machine / zipper machine / winding machine / placement machine / packaging machine / engraving machine / laser machine / LED / electronic equipment.
        4. Large torque output in some cases can simplify the complexity of the machine.

        Package Included:

        57HSE2.2N-HBS57-K1: 1 x HBS57 Stepper Motor Drive + 1 x 57HSE2.2N 2.2N.M. Motor + 1 x 3 meters Encoder Cable + 1 x 3 meters Motor Cable

        57HSE2.2N-HBS57-K2: 1 x HBS57 Stepper Motor Drive + 1 x 57HSE2.2N 2.2N.M. Motor + 1 x 30cm Encoder Cable (with port) + 1 x 30cm Motor Cable + 1 x Gift: 3m Encoder Cable

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        Additional information

        Weight N/A
        Motor Cable

        30CM, 3 Meters