45 Steel MOD 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 Straight Gear Rack with Holes



The spur rack is made of 45# steel, which has high hardness, strength, and strong deformation resistance, it is more durable, longer lasting, and easier to process, install, and debug.

Racks are used to convert rotary motion into linear motion. The straight teeth of the rack are cut into one face of the square or circular section of the rod and fit with the pinion, which has the characteristics of mechanical simplicity, high load-carrying capacity, and unlimited length.

Spur racks are paired with spur gears and are suitable for lifting mechanisms (vertical movement), horizontal movement, positioning mechanisms, stopping and allowing simultaneous rotation of multiple axes in industrial machinery.


Material: 45 Steel
Gear Type: Mod 1.0, Mod 1.5, Mod 2.0, Mod 2.5, Mod 3.0
Color: 45 Steel
Length: 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm for choice
Package Contents: 1 x Straight Gear Rack


MOD 1.0:

Tooth Pitch: 3.14mm
Tooth Depth: 2.25mm
Hole Spacing: 100mm

MOD 1.5:

Tooth Pitch: 4.71mm
Tooth Depth: 3.375mm
Hole Spacing: 100mm

MOD 2.0:

Tooth Pitch: 6.28mm
Tooth Depth: 4.5mm
Hole Spacing: 100mm

MOD 2.5:

Tooth Pitch: 7.85mm
Tooth Depth: 5.625mm
Hole Spacing: 100mm

MOD 3.0:

Tooth Pitch: 9.42mm
Tooth Depth: 6.75mm
Hole Spacing: 100mm



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MOD 1.0-12*12*500mm, MOD 1.0-12*12*1000mm, MOD 1.0-12*12*1500mm, MOD 1.0-12*12*2000mm, MOD 1.0-15*15*1500mm, MOD 1.5-15*15*500mm, MOD 1.5-15*15*1000mm, MOD 1.5-15*15*1500mm, MOD 1.5-15*15*2000mm, MOD 2.0-20*20*500mm, MOD 2.0-20*20*1000mm, MOD 2.0-20*20*1500mm, MOD 2.0-20*20*2000mm, MOD 2.5-25*25*1000mm, MOD 2.5-25*25*2000mm, MOD 3.0-25*25*1000mm, MOD 3.0-25*25*2000mm, MOD 3.0-30*30*1000mm, MOD 3.0-30*30*2000mm