Lead CNC X-Axis Cable Drag Chain Extrusion Guide

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Item NO Description QTY
1 15mm M5 Low Profile Screw 2
2 L1 Bracket 2
3 6mm Aluminum Spacer 2
4 Drop in T-Nuts 2

A. Attach the 2x L1 Brackets to the X-Axis C-beam using 2x 15mm M5 Low Profile Screws 2x 6mm Aluminum Spacers and 2x Drop in T-Nuts as per the below diagram.

B. When attaching the Brackets place one at each on at each end of the X-Axis.

Item NO Description QTY
1 2040 V-Slot Extrusion 1
2 8mm M5 Low Profile Screw 4
3 2040 End Cap 1

A. Attach the 2040 V-Slot to the L1 Brackets by using 2x Tee nuts and 2x 8mm M5 Low Profile Screws

B. On the opposite side you plan to run the Cable Drag Chain bundle attach the 1x 2040 End Cap using 2x 8mm M5 Low Profile