CNC Controller Options

We understand that it can be confusing deciding between the many different CNC Controller options we offer. This guide is to help explain the differences between the options available.

Our 6 CNC Controller Options are broken into 2 software categories: GRBL and Mach3/DrufelCNC . These are the different software programs that are used to control the CNC Machine and send G-Code. The decision of which controller option to install depends on what software program you will be using on your computer.

GRBL Software based controllers are: 

Mach3/DrufelCNC Software based are:

Standalone/Offline CNC Motion Controller:

Our professional recommendation is the xPRO V5 CNC Controller which is the most advanced GRBL CNC Controller of its class in the world. It has 6A silent stepper drivers, WiFi + off-line options, and is 4x faster than our other controllers.