We have discussed ways to minimise Lead Screw Whip on a 1500mm Axis by either limitation or additional components, if you have not read about this go here to read further. For those who want the short story:

  1. Limitation: Limit the lead screw rotation to a maximum of 400RPM
  2. Additional components: Add C-Beam Slide Supports to the actuator to support the Lead Screw
There is another concept that has emerged which tackles Lead Screw Whip from a completely different angle.

Sean Martin, an owner of one of our 1500x1000mm WorkBee CNC Machines has modified our design to put the 1500mm lead screw in tension. Sean has done this by simply cutting the Y-Axis C-Beam extrusions 50mm shorter. This is done to make the lead screw stick out of the Y-End-Plates. The next step is to swap the Y-End-Plates on each Y-Actuator so that the recess that houses the 688ZZ Bearing is facing outwards. The bearing is put into the recess as normal, and while the lead screw is being put under tension using a clamp on the gantry the 8mm Lock Collar is put in position against the bearing. This ensures the tension is held in place.

For more from Sean check out his YouTube channel here.

Thanks to Sean Martin, we think you have done a great job and look forward to more videos of you using your Bulk Man 3D WorkBee!


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