There are many opinions when it comes to running Lead Screw CNC Machines larger than 1000mm.

In our testing we have found that limiting the Lead Screw to 400RPM will ensure there are no adverse affects on accuracy or Lead Screw “Whip” for Lead Screws up to 1500mm in length.

Another great upgrade for Lead Screw driven CNC Machines is the installation of C-Beam Slide Supports. There are many different designs out there, one of which is an Open Source design on Thingiverse by ttcholdings. This .stl file can be freely downloaded and can be converted to GCode for milling or 3D Printing.

You can make these C-Beam Slide Supports by either 3D Printing them, or using your CNC Machine to mill out of Delrin, Plastic or Aluminium. The slot on the back of the support allows for fixing so that the support can be pulled by the gantry.

Images of 3D Printed C-Beam Slide Supports